Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action

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This package includes:

  • 43-minute DVD with 12 chapters, each illustrating different communication challenges in caregiving. Plus an optional introduction from the Executive Producer to give your audience a powerful context for your session.
  • 128-page Leader Guide shows how to use the video as a starting point for a discussion or seminar. It includes a proven Five-Step Training Program to cultivate compassion using group dialogue, group exercises, individual practice and self-evaluation. Also included are seven discussions, a video time index, and elements to custom-design your own seminars with suggestions for a single one-hour class, a 2-4 hour seminar, or a series of seminars.
  • 3 Handouts formatted for easy copying. Five pages summarize the essential points of the video and expand upon them for in-depth discussion and training. Access to website resources for continued learning, updates and new materials such as: additional handouts, visual aids, key links, discussion groups, and recommended reading.

This bundle contains the following products:

Compassion in Action - LCompassion in Action - L