Oxygen for Caregivers

Oxygen for Caregivers

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A Toolkit to Guard Against Burnout, Build Resilience, and Sustain Compassion

For all who are feeling the stress of doing more with less on the front lines of health care.

Nurses, physicians, paramedics, and other allied health professionals rarely have training on the occupational hazards of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout. Even when they do, there is a massive gap between knowing about it and the ability to do something about it.

Oxygen for Caregivers is a toolkit for team leaders and instructors to start the conversation and inspire the action that reduces the impact of these hazards. This empowering program is easy to teach, even for novice instructors. It comes with everything you need to inspire, inform, and lead your audience to make choices that will protect them from burnout, build resilience, and sustain their capacity to care for an entire career. This is a gift you can give your team now. The benefits are for life. Their families will thank you.

Oxygen for Caregivers includes: 

  • 35-minute documentary-style video.
  • 76-page Workbook (pdf file with permission to copy).
  • 76-page Leader Guide.
  • 5 bonus video clips & 40 PowerPoint slides.
  • Class formats for three inspiring in-service sessions.
    • Real-World Self-Care
    • Where Wellness Begins
    • The Journey into Wholeness
  • 3 hours of continuing education (California BRN# CEP16529).
  • Video subtitled in Spanish and English.

This bundle contains the following products:

Four A's of Self AwarenessFour A's of Self Awareness
Occupational HazardsOccupational Hazards
Oxygen - Leader GuideOxygen - Leader Guide
Oxygen for CaregiversOxygen for Caregivers
Oxygen WorkbookOxygen Workbook
Search and RescueSearch and Rescue
Training Tips by Jill MorrisTraining Tips by Jill Morris
Welcome to Oxygen for CaregiversWelcome to Oxygen for Caregivers